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Making Your Giving Plan

Charitable gifts are as individual as the people making the contributions. All share a passion for philanthropy, but choose to give in different ways.

Some want to name the fund they establish — others want to give in total anonymity. Some want to begin making grants immediately, others need income for the duration of their lives. Some want simply to give today.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give through the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF). It is helpful to know that nearly all options result in the establishment of a fund — a legal giving instrument that preserves and governs your financial gifts. Consider whether you’d like to open a new fund or plan for a future fund.

Open a New Fund

Donor Advised Fund
A simple, flexible account that allows you to make gifts, receive immediate tax benefits, and then recommend grants whenever you want. Think of it as a charitable checking account.

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Endowed Fund
A permanent fund that is invested and provides annual grants to your parish or favorite charity forever. An endowment fund helps you leave a faith-inspired legacy that is sure to last.

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Donor Designated Fund
A streamlined fund that benefits a single beneficiary. You decide how much to grant and when. This is an option if you want to make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from your IRA.

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Plan for a Future Fund

A gift that establishes a fund upon your passing. This is most often done with simple language in your estate plan.

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Charitable Life Insurance
The value of life insurance can initiate a charitable fund upon your passing either by transferring ownership of the policy to CCF or by naming CCF as a beneficiary.

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Charitable Remainder Trust
A trust that allows you to make a significant charitable gift of highly appreciated assets and still receive an income. Upon the term completion, remaining assets form an endowment.

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Support The Legacy Fund

Ensuring a Vibrant Catholic Community

The Legacy Fund invites you to partner with other philanthropists in meeting urgent or emerging community needs today and far into the future.

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What to Give

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Write a check or give online with a credit card or account transfer.

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Stock Icon

Transfer publicly traded stock or mutual funds.


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Gift the required minimum distributions from your retirement account.

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We accept many other types of assets, too, like real estate or personal items.

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