Donor Advised Funds

It’s Like A Charitable Checking Account

An increasingly popular charitable giving tool, a donor advised fund is a simple and flexible account that allows you to make charitable gifts – for which you receive immediate tax benefits – and then recommend grants to your parish or favorite charity whenever you want.

A donor advised fund at CCF may benefit you in a number of ways:

  • It’s an efficient, consolidated system for managing charitable giving.
  • All gifts to your donor advised fund are tax-deductible.
  • A donor advised fund can help facilitate tax-efficient giving strategies like “bunching”.
  • When you make gifts of appreciated assets, such as stock, shares in a business, or real estate, you can avoid paying taxes on the capital gains.
  • Simplified tax preparation. 
  • You’ll have the ability to name your fund — or give anonymously — without having to establish a Private Family Foundation.

How Donor Advised Funds Work

Step 1 - How a Donor Advised Fund Works

01 Gift
You make a gift to establish the fund. That gift may come in many forms: cash, appreciated stock, real estate, personal property, or some other asset of value.

Step 2 - How a Donor Advised Fund Works

02 Invest
CCF invests that fund in alignment with our Catholic faith to grow your giving capacity.

Step 3 - How a Donor Advised Fund Works

03 Grant
You can decide when — and where —you want to direct grants from your fund using our online tool, DonorSphere.

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Ideal for Family Philanthropy

Donor Advised Funds make it easy for parents to involve children in philanthropic decision making. Donors can invite children to participate in discussions about grant recommendations from the fund, and even consider allowing each child to recommend a certain amount of giving on an annual basis.

In this way, future generations share the joy of philanthropy, and witness first-hand their parents’ commitment to helping those in need.

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The Beginning of a Legacy

While some donors choose to grant out all the money in their donor advised fund during their lifetime, others choose to pass on – or even make permanent – their charitable legacy.

When you establish your donor advised fund, you can choose successor advisors. Then, when you pass away, your successor advisors will carry on your philanthropy – and your values.

And, many donors choose to permanently endow their donor advised fund, either later in life or after they pass away. In this way, they ensure their gift lives on forever, providing perpetual support to their favorite causes.

Ready to Begin?

If you’re ready to open a donor advised fund, you can start the application process now. Simply download the form to begin.

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