Financial Stewardship

For Parishes, Schools, and Organizations

It would be impossible for us to accomplish our mission of serving the spiritual, educational and social needs of our community without parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations such as yours.

We’re financial experts who share your Catholic values and have proven our ability to responsibly steward your funds. We’re committed to helping you further your mission today and sustain your faith-filled work for years to come.

Ways to Invest

Envisioning a Vibrant Future

Agency Fund
Partner with CCF on long-term investment strategies in a faith-consistent, diversified portfolio managed by asset management professionals.

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Institutional Endowment Fund
Ensure your institution’s mission and ministries will endure for generations to come by creating a lasting legacy that inspires trust and generosity.

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Why Partner with CCF?

We’re Invested in Your Success

Investment Expertise
More than 400 of the 1,100+ funds we manage are institutional funds. By pooling assets we gain access top managers and exclusive asset classes while driving down costs for our partners.

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Shared Faith
We work to ensure your assets are invested in a manner consistent with the Catholic faith we share. And we believe that your financial success means a stronger faith community for all of us.

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Helpful Support
We can be a resource to your supporters, helping ensure their giving to your mission is as efficient as it is heartfelt. CCF can give educational presentations to a group or meet with folks one-on-one.

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“We want to ensure this faith community we know and love will continue to thrive long into the future so that others who follow in our footsteps will be nurtured and blessed as we have been.”

Sharon Hicks
Founding Endowment Committee Member
Catholic Community of St. Odilia, Shoreview

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Jeanne Schaaf
Director of Institutional Stewardship &  Engagement
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