Donor Designated Funds

Support Your Favorite Charity When and How You Want

With a donor designated fund, you can use your IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs) to make grants to your favorite charity on your own timeline.

How Donor Designated Funds Work

Step 1 - How a Donor Designated Fund Works

01 Name the Beneficiary
Select a single qualifying 501(c)(3) charity to benefit from your fund. This beneficiary will be named in your fund agreement as the sole beneficiary of the fund and cannot be changed after the agreement is signed.

Step 2 - How a Donor Designated Fund Works

02 Make a Gift
Have your IRA custodian direct your RMD to CCF to establish your fund. When CCF receives your RMD directly from your IRA for a donor designated fund, it is considered a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), so you will not have to pay income tax on the distribution. You can make QCDs into the fund in subsequent years as well. And, this fund accepts other gift types, like cash and appreciated stock.

Step 3 - How a Donor Designated Fund Works

03 Invest
CCF invests that fund in alignment with our Catholic faith to grow your giving capacity.

Step 4 - How a Donor Designated Fund Works

04 Grant
You can decide how much you’d like to distribute to your named beneficiary — on your own timeline.

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Ask Your Advisor

How – or whether – you choose to use your RMDs for your charitable giving will depend on your unique situation. Be sure to consult your professional advisor for advice regarding your specific circumstances.

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