Bus Company Drives Giving

Tom and Danalee Merrill Donor Advised Fund

“Our business had been such a gift from God,” said Tom Merrill. “The wonderful employees and the relationships we formed in the community made it an easy profession for us. So when we sold it, we wanted to be able to give back and serve others.”

Merrill described the freedom he feels in giving away material gifts.

“Everything is a blessing,” he said. “It just seemed a natural thing for us to invest in the Foundation. The beautiful thing about it is you know the ministries are in line with Catholic teachings.”

He said that working with CCF is a “wise thing to do” especially for entrepreneurs who have more than they need and want to give it away.

Tom and Danny Merrill

Tom and Danny Merrill

“From a business perspective,” he said, “when you put resources into a fund, you have no tax liability and you are able to give away more money with the freedom to give to charities of your choice.”

The Merrills are great supporters of the Divine Mercy parish and school, as well as NET Ministries, St. Paul’s Outreach and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

“There is great joy in being able to give,” Merrill said, “and that is what we are called to do, to be like Christ. Establishing funds at CCF allows us to give without worry.”

“So much of what we do is out of obligation,” he continued, “but using these funds to support Catholic ministries that we believe in means being able to give it away out of love.”

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