One of the most popular charitable giving tools available, a Donor Advised Fund from CCF can offer you a wealth of benefits including:

  • An efficient, consolidated system for managing charitable giving
  • Tax benefits to offset gains from asset sales, receipt of large bonuses/windfalls or as part of estate tax planning
  • An annual summary of all your gifts for tax purposes
  • Full charitable deduction for your gifts without having to make immediate donations to charities
  • Ability to name your fund — or give anonymously — without having to establish a Private Family Foundation

“Going with CCF made sense because the Foundation supports our Catholic values. Someday Sam and I won’t be here to manage it, and having the fund be Catholic-centric is very important to us.”

— Mark Lano, The David Lano Foundation Fund

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There are no upfront costs involved in opening a Donor Advised Fund with CCF. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Name your CCF fund — and we’ll help you open your account.
  2. Make a donation of cash, stocks or other appreciated assets. CCF then invests your charitable dollars to grow tax-free for future gifting.
  3. Recommend grants to any 501(c)3 nonprofit from your fund at any time — with a  $200 minimum.

You’ll be provided with a user name and password for Donor Central, a secure online tool you can use to access account information and manage your account. (CCF staff is also available to support you if you prefer to manage your account by phone or mail.)


Ideal for Family Philanthropy

Donor Advised Funds make it easy for parents to involve children in philanthropic decision making. Donors can invite children to participate in discussions about grant recommendations from the fund, and even consider allowing each child to recommend a certain amount of giving on an annual basis.

In this way, future generations share the joy of philanthropy, and witness first-hand their parents’ commitment to helping those in need.

Funds That Grow Tax Free

With a Donor Advised Fund from CCF, balances in your account can grow tax-free. Many donors create a permanent “legacy” endowment later in life or after they pass away. A Donor Advised Fund can be the first step in establishing a family tradition of philanthropy that can be carried on from one generation to the next.

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