A considerable factor in the Catholic Community Foundation’s (CCF) ability to facilitate “smart philanthropy” is its board of directors. “All 25 members are inspired by their Catholic faith,” says CCF President Anne Cullen Miller, “and all bring an incredible breadth and depth of expertise and experience to help drive strategy.”

The vice chair, immediate past vice chair, officers of the board, and chairs of all the standing committees comprise the board’s Executive Committee.

This year, Julie Hurley assumed the vice chair position and Tom Letscher transitioned to immediate past vice chair. CCF asked both Hurley and Letscher to reflect—backward and forward—on their Executive Committee service.

“Our Executive Committee members,” says Letscher, “are without exception, deeply committed to the mission of CCF and are careful stewards of CCF’s legacy.”

Hurley has served the CCF board for seven years. She notes, “It is not by accident that CCF has become the largest Catholic community foundation in the country. CCF strives to use best practices in all facets of its work.”

Letscher is completing his ninth and final year of board service. “Over that period of time, I have seen the Board and the Executive Committee grow and evolve as CCF has grown,” he reflects.” I think CCF’s future is very bright, and I am confident that CCF will continue to grow and help more and more people in need.”

“My goal is to offer whatever support I can to spread the good word of CCF,” shares Hurley. “The board has set an aggressive goal of granting $50 million annually by 2028. My term will end in December of 2021. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in 2021, our churches, schools, and social agencies were putting into service $20 million in grants from CCF?!”

CCF’s Executive Committee is:
  • Julie Hurley, Vice Chair, Preferred Management Services
  • Julie Gerend, Investment Committee Chair, Wells Capital Management
  • Emery Koenig, Grants Committee Chair, Cargill (Retired)
  • Mimi Daly Larson, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Tom Letscher, J.D., Immediate Past Vice Chair, Fox Rothschild
  • Marjorie Mathison Hance, Development Committee Chair, St. Catherine University
  • Tom McCarr, J.D., Finance Committee Chair, PwC
  • Greg Melsen, Board Governance Committee Chair and Secretary, retired CFO

See all CCF board members here.

Julie Hurley

Julie Hurley, Vice Chair

Tom Letscher

Tom Letscher, J.D., Immediate Past Vice Chair

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