Dear Friends,

In this Lenten season, the team at the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) is as busy as ever. Between meetings, presentations, and more meetings, it can be hard to find time to connect with colleagues. For that reason, I’m grateful to the small group of staff members who make up CCF’s “Culture Committee.” This group finds and creates opportunities for our staff to gather and connect — often, it’s by sharing a meal around a table.

The important role of a table in human connection is nothing new. Throughout the Gospels we glimpse Jesus at the dinner table with his disciples and new friends. Pope Francis says the table teaches us the value of conviviality, or “sharing life’s goods and being happy to be able to do so.”

As we celebrate CCF’s 30th anniversary as a foundation, I often reflect on the many people who have come to our table to share their life’s goods in this way. This newsletter highlights just three examples:

The first is of a family who has welcomed thousands of students to the table of Catholic education since 1958 through a memorial scholarship fund. The second introduces the three newest members of CCF’s board of directors, who generously share their time and talents. Finally, you’ll meet the exciting lineup of speakers for CCF’s 30th anniversary celebration on April 27. Consider this my personal invitation to come to the table for this can’t-miss event. You can find more details on our website here.

Like Pope Francis, we see the parallels between the dining table and the Eucharistic table. “The Lord breaks his Body and pours out his Blood for all,” he says. “Truly no division can withstand this Sacrifice of communion.”

Likewise, when we set the table for all, we create space for community to come together. That is what CCF’s work aims to do every day. Our table is set for you. Come join us.

With gratitude,

Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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