It’s our 30th Anniversary!

For 30 years, CCF has worked to build a vibrant Catholic community. Thanks to the inspired generosity of our donors and partners, we have grown to steward more than $500 million in assets and have granted more than $225 million to Catholic and nonprofit causes.

Anniversary Celebration

On April 27, 2023, at the Hilton Minneapolis, more than 1,200 Minnesota Catholics came to the table to celebrate the community impact made possible by collective, Catholic philanthropy. It truly was a blessed event. We will be including a few of the highlights on this page. Check back soon!


The important role of a table in human connection is nothing new. Throughout the Gospels we glimpse Jesus at the dinner table with his disciples and new friends. Pope Francis says the table teaches us the value of conviviality, or “sharing life’s goods and being happy to be able to do so.”

Like Pope Francis, we see the parallels between the dining table and the Eucharistic table. “The Lord breaks his Body and pours out his Blood for all,” he says. “Truly no division can withstand this Sacrifice of communion.”

Likewise, when we set the table for all, we create space for community to come together. That is what CCF’s work aims to do every day. Our table is set for you. Come join us.

Highlight Reel

Watch the highlight reel of the entire event program, featuring Anne Cullen Miller, Archbishop Bernard Hebda, Kelly Wahlquist, Father Mike Schmitz, Bishop Robert Barron, and photos from the event.

Saints Who Walk Among Us

CCF President Anne Cullen Miller reflects on all the people who have shaped CCF during its 30 years and shares the stories of three donors she got to know through their partnership with the Catholic Community Foundation.

CCF Donor Profile: Marjorie Mathison Hance

CCF donor advisor and board member Marjorie Mathison Hance shares her journey as a philanthropist.

The Virtues in 8 Minutes with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz sits down with emcee Kelly Wahlquist to dive into and explain the virtues – in just eight minutes.

Keynote Address

Bishop Robert Barron speaks to the ways the laity is called to live and lead in faith. Watch the full keynote address below.

Joy and the Table with Kelly Wahlquist

Emcee Kelly Wahlquist on the importance of joy and the table in her life and shares a witness to how CCF serves its donors.

Music and Photo Slideshow

Musical trio Mama’s Table sings the song “One Voice” while a photo slideshow of CCF’s 30 years plays.

Photo Gallery

View the full gallery by clicking the image below.

Catholic Spirit Article

More than 1,200 ‘Come to the Table’ with the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota

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What Guests Are Saying…

“We are delighted to be associated with CCF, an organization that reflects the goodness and faith of our Catholic community. As we walked into the event, we were struck with the realization that our parent’s generation, along with their example of faith and generosity, has given way to our generation. It is our turn to be the example for our children and grandchildren. CCF is the vehicle for sharing that example. “

“The food was delicious, the hospitality abundant and the people gathered joyful.”

“What an incredible celebration of Catholic generosity!”

“It was a memorable evening filled with inspiration and encouraging talk from Bishop Barron. It felt like a big family gathering. It was joy-filled and welcoming. The venue, set-up, decors and food were amazing!”

Event Sponsors

This event is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. We are so grateful for their contribution to our community celebration of Catholic philanthropy.


Doug and Sandy Milroy



Julie and Tom Hurley



Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation



Donors of In-Kind Goods and Services