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In the spirit of empowering women in innovative and entrepreneurial ways since 1911, the League of Catholic Women established the League of Catholic Women Foundation (LCWF). With this fund, the League formally transitions from a membership organization to a perpetual grantmaker. The LCWF offers financial assistance to organizations in the 12-county greater Twin Cities metro area serving women to help them fulfill their potential and build a hopeful future for themselves and generations to come.

The League of Catholic Women have entrusted the LCWF to the experienced and faith-consistent stewardship of the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF). CCF will work in conjunction with the LCWF Grantmaking Advisory Committee, which is comprised of members of the League who will, through 2030, build and develop the framework for the fulfillment of the League’s mission in perpetuity.

For League Members

League members are encouraged to stay involved! Here are four ways you can do that:

01  Serve a 3-year term as an advisory committee member. For more information, please contact Lisa Miller at lisafitzmiller@gmail.com.

02  Stay apprised of League events such as conferences or retreats. To ensure you’re on the mailing list, please contact Meg Payne Nelson at nelsonm@ccf-mn.

03  Include the League in your estate plan. For more information about directing your gift to the LCWF, please contact Chris Nelson nelsonc@ccf-mn.org.

04  Grow the impact of the League of Catholic Women Foundation by donating your membership dues, or any dollar amount, to the LCWF.

Contribute Now

Lisa Miller (Chair)

Lisa Miller joined the LCW in 1995 after several conversations with long-time member Mary Ritten. Lisa became more active after her children were grown and has served as president for the last three years.

Judith Adams

Judith Adams is a past president of the LCW and has been a member since the 1980’s. Judith currently volunteers with the Tuesday Club Ministry.

Jean Dunn

Jean Dunn has been a member since the early 2000’s when she retired from her career as a paralegal. She is active in the First Impressions and Tuesday Club ministries and is a part of the Spiritual Book Club. Jean has also served as a board member.

Rita Fox

Rita served as president of the LCW in the early 2000’s after her retirement from a career as an elementary school teacher. She is a very active member and has a hand in lots of things. Her most treasured outreach is Tuesday Club.

Dar Gerber

Dar joined the LCW in the early 2000’s and has served as treasurer on the last two LCW boards. Dar has worked with Tuesday Club and First Impressions.

Marta Melin

Marta has been a member since the early 1980’s. She has been involved in many ministries over the years, including the Mitten Tree, First Impressions, Spiritual Book Club, and numerous other events for members. Most recently she has served as office administrator in the LCW office.

Mimi Palen-Clare

Mimi began working with the LCW in a consulting role. She found immediate alignment with the mission and the direction the LCW was headed in — toward becoming a perpetual grantmaking foundation. Her consulting business, Executive Growth Advisors, specializes in helping organizations across a wide range of industries chart the course for a successful future.

Julie Ann Schmidt

Julie Ann joined the LCW in the early 1990s and has been active ever since.  She redeveloped and led First Impressions, a program that served women returning to the workforce.  She was co-president from 2015-2017 and was instrumental in the sale/move that changed the course of the League.

For Grantseekers

Does your organization serve women in the greater Twin Cities metro area to help them fulfill their potential and build a hopeful future for themselves and generations to come? If so, contact Meg Payne Nelson at nelsonm@ccf-mn.org, identifying which of the priorities below are relevant to your mission. We will mail invitations to apply for a grant each year in April.

The LCWF is committed to funding small organizations and filling gaps that form barriers to carrying out your organization’s mission. It’s also interested in continuing its tradition of funding retreats and seminars that focus on issues relating to women.  

Grantmaking Guidelines

LCWF provides general operating support or program support to organizations that assist women in the areas of:

Employment, financial independence, and entrepreneurship through:

  1. Job search and employment coaching and support.
  2. Small business grants.
  3. Financial planning and management.

Prenatal, infant, and maternal care through:

  1. Pregnancy counseling and support.
  2. Parenting education and support.

Preventing and overcoming discrimination, abuse or exploitation through:

  1. Counseling and shelter.
  2. Programs that build self-esteem or prevent predation (such as online).

Supporting the education of vulnerable women by removing short-term financial obstacles, and investing in supportive programming.

Personal and spiritual growth of women through retreats and seminars featuring women theologians, women leaders in the Church, and leaders of organizations serving women.

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Vice President of Impact
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