Agency Fund

High-Impact, Faith-Consistent Investment Fund

A parish, school or other Catholic organization may enter into an agency relationship with the Catholic Community Foundation. With an agency fund, CCF invests your assets in our Catholic-screened investment pools, allowing you access to the performance and scale of our professional management services.

Select any of our four investment pools. You have access to your account and can make deposits and withdrawals at any time.

CCF takes a balanced approach, providing four investment pool strategies with different levels of risk. You can select an individual pool or combine multiple pool strategies within your agency fund to best optimize your risk and return objectives.

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Sharing your Catholic faith, we strive to be a faithful steward, employing investment strategies that avoid harm and promote the common good.

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Our scale enables a fee structure competitive with that of other community foundations, wealth managers, and investment advisors.

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Review CCF’s Investment Disclosure Statement for Agency Funds.

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