Fees for Institutional Funds


More than an asset manager, the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) provides vital financial support to our community and proper governance over permanent assets, including faith-consistent investments. To accomplish this work, every institutional fund at CCF incurs an administrative fee and an investment management fee.

This fee structure is standard practice for community foundations, and our fees are competitive with our local community foundation peers. By pooling assets, CCF can access top managers and unique asset classes while driving down costs.

Administrative Fees

The administrative fee covers the costs to administer the fund and allows CCF to ensure that our mission is sustained for our Catholic community for generations to come. This includes investment oversight and allocation management guidance for our investment managers, statement and activity reports, accounting, and audits.

CCF applies a tiered and blended administrative fee based on the total value of funds for each institution. As fund balances increase, the administrative fee rate decreases.

Each quarter, one-fourth of the annual fee is assessed based on the monthly average balance of the fund during the quarter.


Annual Admin Fees











NOTE: The Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota may charge against funds any out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., legal, accounting, taxes, tax filing fees, etc.) incurred in association with the administration of the funds.

Investment Management Fees

Investment management fees cover asset managers, trading costs, consultants, and custodial fees. These fees are assessed separately and vary by investment pool. Investment fees are not charged separately, rather, investment performance is reported net of fees. CCF does not receive any portion of these investment fees. You can find the most recent investment management fees in the footnotes of each pool’s quarterly performance reports.

0.19% – 0.71%

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