With a permanent endowment your commitment to the causes you care about can be continued beyond your lifetime. When you establish a permanent endowment fund at CCF, you can be assured that we will prudently invest and manage your permanent gift.

In addition to establishing your own endowment, you have to the option to partner with other philanthropists to meet urgent or emerging community needs today and into the future by contributing any amount to the CCF Legacy Fund.

Ensuring that your charitable intentions are upheld forever is the work we’re called to at the Catholic Community Foundation.

“I can honor the faithful example of my parents beyond my lifetime and continue my support of charities close to my heart, now and forever.”

— Tom Busch, Florian and Dorothy Busch Endowment Fund

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How Permanent Endowments Work

You can start a permanent endowment with a gift of cash, securities, or complex assets, or you can establish a Donor Advised Fund that can convert to a permanent endowment upon your passing.

Likewise, after providing you with a lifetime of incremental income through a Remainder Trust or Gift Annuity, the charitable remainders of these arrangements can also be added to your Family Endowment Fund – a true legacy.

Once in place, your Family Endowment Fund will grow and make annual distributions to support the charities and/or charitable causes you’ve identified. For example, you could fund: religious education in your parish, tuition assistance, vocations, pro-life causes, etc. You decide.

A permanent endowment fund is managed to ensure a perpetual source of support so gifts will be distributed in your name for generations to come. And, once established, your children, grandchildren or other community members can add to the endowment to honor your legacy.

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