Family Philanthropy

Generosity That Lasts For Generations

Giving together as a family is a beautiful opportunity to create memories, express your family values, and build a lasting legacy. But it can, at times, be difficult.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) is here to relieve the burden and stress involved in the sometimes complex process of family giving. CCF’s team will help your family navigate charitable giving to achieve your philanthropic goals as a group and as individuals.

Like most things in life, your family’s legacy starts with a simple conversation.

Philanthropic Services for Family Giving

Private Family Foundation vs. Donor Advised Fund

Side-by-Side Comparison

If you have a family foundation, or are considering establishing one, a donor advised fund can be an easier and more efficient solution.  Quicker and considerably cheaper to establish, donor advised funds offer more privacy and better tax advantages than private family foundations – with a reduced financial and administrative burden.




Time to Establish

Weeks or months


Start-Up Costs

Substantial legal fees


Administration and Management Fees

2.50% – 4.00%

1.10% – 1.60%

Tax Deduction Limits

30% of AGI for cash gifts

20% of AGI for stock or real roperty

60% of AGI for cash gifts

30% of AGI for stock or real property

Valuation of Gifts

Fair market value for publicly-traded stock

Cost basis for closely-held stock or real property

Fair market value

Spend Requirement

5 percent annually on grants or charitable activities, regardless of investment performance


Excise Taxes

1.00% – 2.00%



Publicly-filed tax returns detail all foundation activity, including:

  • Names of trustees
  • Employee salaries
  • Grantmaking details
  • Investment fees

Grants can be made anonymously if the donor so chooses.

Fundholders’ identities can remain confidential.

Administrative and Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Accounting
  • Record-keeping
  • Manage assets
  • Recommend and administer grants
  • File state and federal tax returns
  • Establish and follow governance system

Make grant recommendations

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