Dear Friends,

Fiscal year 2016 was another solid year for the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) as the steady growth we saw in 2015 continued. Forty-three new funds were established and $20 million in new assets entered the Foundation. Grantmaking increased again this year, surpassing $9.9 million. And, we launched new grantmaking programs designed to maximize assistance for critical educational and social needs in our community.

All of these accomplishments reflect perfectly the faith that is, in St. Paul’s words, “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen.” At its best, philanthropy requires a faith so bold, it dares to spend sums today toward a distant goal, beautifully imagined but not yet seen. Everyday, I witness the unshakable and visionary belief of a community that has the power to shape a more loving and compassionate world.

In this report, we share the stories of people who, inspired by their faith, have imagined a better future and have taken action. You’ll read about the many ways people are nurturing the seeds of faith in our youth. You’ll learn about a parish in Northern Minnesota that is creating a legacy of faith for future generations—a legacy that is more important than the endowment they are building to secure their financial stability. Finally, there are stories about individuals who, each in their own way, have taken a deliberate approach to philanthropy and have found great joy in doing so.

At CCF, these stories inspire us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to assist our donors and partners as they fulfill their dreams and live their faith by helping others. Every day we strive to act in faith and through faith. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we work toward ensuring future generations experience the transformational ministries and sacraments of our Catholic faith.

As always, I express my deep appreciation to the CCF board of directors and staff, and to each and every donor, institutional partner, supporter, and friend. It is to you who we proudly present this year’s annual report: Things Hoped For, Things Unseen.


Anne Cullen Miller
CCF President



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