“Sheryl and I opened a Donor-Advised Fund with CCF to simplify our charitable giving.”

— Dan Moran, CFF Donor Advisor

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Why donate through CCF instead of giving directly to your charity of choice — or invest with CCF
instead of growing your funds through other channels?

Here’s what current donors have told us:

“We know our wishes and values will be honored once we’re gone.”

CCF will never use funds entrusted to us to support an organization whose values conflict with our donors’ values, intent and Catholic faith.

“We want to maximize the impact of our charitable giving.”

We invest donors’ charitable gifts on their behalf and channel the returns directly to the organizations and/or causes they choose. Donors to CCF receive tax deductions associated with contributions to a public charity — which are greater than the deductions afforded to contributions to a private foundation.

“We’re committed to faith-consistent investing — but also expect healthy returns.”

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, our track record is impressive. Learn more about our investment philosophy and performance below. By creating large pools of investments, our administrative fees and operating expenses are kept extremely low, even by non-profit standards.

Investment Philosophy


  1. With more than $350 million in assets, we manage some of the most sophisticated financial transactions in the charitable realm — while investing in a morally responsible manner.
  2. We balance the need to maximize total financial return over the long term, taking into account an appropriate amount of risk, with the need to invest according to our faith.
  3. We operate professionally and transparently. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, our 990s and audited financial statements and annual report demonstrate our expertise at achieving that balance.


As of December 31, 2019

Investment Oversight Process


Generating investment income is one of CCFs core functions, but our passion is maximizing returns without compromising core tenets of our shared faith. Our investment oversight process provides checks and balances that ensure compliance with the highest possible standards.

Investment Oversight

Investment Committee

Strategic Direction

Our investment philosophy is implemented by our Investment Committee which oversees asset allocation and diversification, risk management, manager selection, and Faith-Consistent Investing (FCI) according to Catholic teachings.

CCF Staff

Day-to-Day Operations

CCF finance and investment staff are the interface between the Investment Committee, our Investment Consultants at LCG and U.S. Bank which serves as custodian for all CCF assets.

LCG Associates

Objective Investment Consulting

LCG Associates, Inc. is a full-service investment consulting firm that does not receive “finder’s fees,” commissions, soft dollars, or rebates from any investment management firm. CCF works closely with LCG to implement objective recommendations regarding asset allocation and investment manager selection in order to achieve our return objectives and meet CCF’s fiduciary duties.

Please contact CCF at 651-389-0300 for a copy of the current Investment Policy Statement. Review CCF’s Investment Disclosure Statement for Agency Funds.