St. Jerome Covers Expenses to Aid Students

Field of Interest — May, 2023

$7,320 grant to St. Jerome Catholic School for Support of Impoverished Children

St. Jerome School Principal Anne Gattman writes,

“This grant provided resources to be able to support our students and families in ways that they need so they could attend a Catholic school. There are some expenses beyond tuition that can be daunting for families, especially new immigrants. Having a fund to draw upon to help is critical to being able to welcome and serve students and families with limited resources. We used this grant for three purposes:

  • To provide scholarship assistance to our Karen students for the annual trip to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center;
  • To provide “emergency” tuition assistance to 2 families; and
  • To provide uniform vouchers for families new to our school who were unable to afford uniforms.

“CCF Team, thank you for this grant and for the many ways you support our St. Jerome School students and families. I am encouraged by your support to continue to do everything we can to make a Catholic education available to ALL families who desire it for their children. You are a big part of the work we are doing.”


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