St. John’s of Little Canada Builds Capacity for Fundraising

photo from marathon

Educational Impact — October 2021

$8,000 grant to St. John’s School of Little Canada for a consultant to assist with events

St. John’s School of Little Canada Principal Dan Hurley writes,

“The consultant was able to organize a successful marathon, raising more than $40,000. Further, the consultant updated our alumni data base in Salesforce all the way back to 1970! Now, the consultant is planning and organizing our gala, with a goal of raising $100,000 to help our operating budget and tuition assistance.

“This grant was instrumental in that I will be raising dollars to support the position. The consultant has provided not only financial rewards, they have increased our relationships with the community and alumni. The grant also allowed me to focus on enrollment, as we have increased the number of students by 56 percent.”


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