Our Lady of Peace Home Provides Responsive Care

Field of Interest — June 2021

$7,900 grant to Our Lady of Peace Home for support of its mission

Our Lady of Peace Development Director Lisa Sweeney writes,

“Because of support from CCF and others, we are able to care for our patients and their loved ones, providing the best care possible that is responsive to their needs. In 2019 alone, Our Lady of Peace provided nearly 6,900 days of patient care, saving our patients $4.1 million in out-of-pocket costs. Here are some thoughts shared from the last year about experiences at Our Lady of Peace and its impact:

One patient said, ‘Our Lady of Peace took my worries away because of the calmness and the organizational skills used in setting up my care. I was informed every step of the way which was so nice.’

The daughter of a patient shared, ‘This is my first experience being in any kind of hospice setting, and I’m absolutely blown away. We’ve had people telling us that being at Our Lady of Peace is the next best thing to being home with family and it really is. Everyone here treats our mom like family. She’s cared for us all these years; now she’s being cared for. It’s a wonderful place.'”


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