Keystone Community Services Supports Students

Community Priorities — April 2021

$8,000 grant to Keystone Community Services for the Community Kids Program and Keystone Teen Tutor Program.

Keystone Director of Youth Services Chris Ohland writes,

“The funding that the Catholic Community Foundation provided Keystone was incredibly important to giving us flexibility as we adapted to the ever-changing pandemic circumstances. A majority of Keystone’s other funding sources for our youth programs restrict spending to certain kinds of activities or expenses. The Catholic Community Foundation recognized the critical role and value the Community Kids and Teen Tutor programs play in their communities, and provided a grant that Keystone could use as needed for these programs during this unpredictable time. This support was tremendously helpful to meeting the needs of youth and families.”

A seventh grade Community Kids student shares,

“This program helped me to be prepared for the next school year. It helped me work on my reading and math skills. This program helped me make new friends. Everyone is very inclusive. I love it here!

“I think it’s a great way to spend summer days. It helps us be active during the summer. When the school year starts back up, there is always someone here to ask if you need help with homework or school projects.

“The program also teaches basic life skills such as creativity, socializing, and being independent. This program is open on school release days, which is really helpful if your parents are at work! They give us field trips, movie nights, and many opportunities, and it is free for everyone.

“The staff here is very helpful and open minded. They are willing to listen, to hear you and what you have to say. This program tries to do their best (and succeeds) at being the best they can.

“If I had to give this place a rating, it would be a 100 out of 10 and I’m not just saying that, I actually mean it. I would definitely recommend coming to this program to any kids.”


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