Jeremiah Program Provides Support for Single-Mother Families

Community Priorities — November 2022

$15,000 to Jeremiah Program, Minneapolis and St. Paul, for General Support

Jeremiah Program Director of Development Joanne Kaufman writes,

“Funding from CCF provided critical support as we expanded our 2Gen programming to include non-residential Jeremiah Program (JP) moms and kids last year. Thanks to your partnership, our non-residential programming grew to include 56 single-mother families living in the greater Twin Cities. This growth has set the stage to double our programmatic impact in 2023. With your support, our Minneapolis and St. Paul programs provided holistic programming for 159 single-mother families (407 moms and kids) last year — almost double the number of families we have been able to serve historically due to housing limitations on our residential campuses.

“We focused on five key levers for supporting JP moms as they achieve social and economic mobility for themselves and their children: Career-track College Education, Affordable Housing, Quality Early Childhood Education, Empowerment and Leadership, and Supportive Community. We also launched a new Career Volunteer Mentor Program to support career and leadership development for moms, with 24 mom-and-volunteer pairs participating in the program.”


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