Immaculate Conception School Upgrades Wi-Fi — and Impact

Elementary school students sit at desks with tablets and headphones.

Educational Impact — October 2021

$10,000 grant to Immaculate Conception School for upgrading building Wi-Fi

Immaculate Conception School Principal Jane Bona writes,

“As a result of this grant, we were able to upgrade the Wi-Fi in our school building which we rely upon daily for our instruction and student learning. Specifically, the access points were updated and new access points were added strategically throughout the building. There are hubs located in three of our classrooms and they also received upgrades. The new access points and hub upgrades increases the speed of our wireless connection and increases our Wi-Fi access to further points in the school building.

“We teach our students utilizing a blended learning model which does require a lot of personalized attention through the use of technology. We also spend a great deal of time referencing data, thus using technology, needing excellent Wi-Fi access. The improved system with the upgrades has facilitated our ability to work with students more effectively. It also enables us, as educators, to work well in our planning as our access has improved.”

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