Casa Guadalupana Transforms Lives, One Need at a Time

President’s Fund — December 2022

$2,500 grant to Casa Guadalupana for General Support.

Casa Guadalupana Chair of the Board of Directors Dave Haley writes,

“Overall, the grant funds have been part of the funding to operate the house, respond to unique resident requests, and offer no-interest loans for cars to get to jobs and for tuition for university classes. We have many highlights in the past 12 months which include: residents that continue with full- and part-time employment, approval for work asylum, work permits, driver’s tests, university degrees, English classes, new residents — including children — joining our home, and so much more. All residents are receiving nutritional food in adequate daily amounts and have received needed medical care and counseling to bring a sense of regularity and stability. All current and former residents have attorneys to represent them through the asylum process. Three residents received an International Justice Award at The Advocates for Human Rights annual dinner for their volunteer efforts in educating local agencies and individuals about the circumstances in their home countries.

“Thanks for your confidence in our efforts at Casa Guadalupana. Your support encourages us to continue to walk with the individuals and families living at Casa.”


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