Keeping Catholic Education Affordable

Bethlehem Academy

Even though tuition is lower at Bethlehem Academy than at many parochial schools, a modest grant is often ‘the make or break point’ for some students.

“We use the assistance we receive from CCF to help as many students as possible,” says Tom Donlon, president and principal of Bethlehem Academy.

Bethlehem Academy Matt Siegfried

Matt Siegfried, Bethlehem Academy Class of 2013

Donlon cites the example of a student who has made a dramatic turnaround in his life, “He’s now involved in art and sports instead of spending disciplinary time with the Dean of Students.”

He’s also proud of two students now considering religious vocations thanks to aid from CCF. “Each day we witness our students caring for each other in profound ways that are known ultimately only to God.

“The Catholic Community Foundation helps us make a difference for all our students by being a reliable and appreciated source of support for our mission.”

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