Bellis Develops One-of-a-Kind Support Group

Field of Interest — June 2021

$2,000 grant to Bellis for support of its mission

Bellis Executive Director Jenny Eldredge writes,

“Bellis has launched the nation’s only grief support program exclusively for women whose parental rights were terminated by the courts. This has included staffing three new weekly support groups to meet demand for these services. Core support funding from the Catholic Community Foundation grant has strengthened our nonprofit and enabled us to responsibly meet this opportunity to offer compassion to mothers suffering deeply in the margins of society.

“The photo above offers a look at our weekly support groups. It also illustrates that the participants have bravely chosen to share their stories in the media to build awareness and encourage other women to receive compassionate support. We are grateful to CCF for its important role in enabling Bellis to do this work!”


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