On May 24th, the creditors’ committee in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis bankruptcy case filed a motion to involve a number of organizations, including the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota, in the litigation.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota is a legally, financially, and operationally separate and independent organization. We were founded more than two decades ago as a way for individuals to support the causes in the community they care about and to do so according to the teachings of their faith and with access to professional investment management resources. From our earliest days, we have been “of the community and for the community” as demonstrated by the more than $120 million in grants that we have distributed on behalf of our donors since 1992.

It’s worth noting that community foundations with religious identities are commonplace. In Minnesota, for example, there’s a Catholic community foundation, a Lutheran community foundation, a Jewish community foundation and an evangelical Christian community foundation. There are also community foundations focused on a variety of causes and geographic regions in our state. Our organizational status and our work are well-documented and we’re confident this documentation illustrates our independent and separate nature.

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