By Christopher D. Nelson, J.D.
Executive Vice President of Development and Donor Engagement

The leaves have turned, and soon snow will begin to fall. Suddenly, the end of the year is upon us. If you’re like me, your to-do list can seem overwhelming this time of year. Family commitments, shopping for gifts, seasonal events, parish and school obligations, and more demand our attention and energy. The responsibility of getting last-minute year-end donations to our favorite charities by December 31 can increase our anxiety during an already stressful season.

It feels good to give. And giving should generate joy! Regrettably, processes, deadlines, logistics, and tax considerations can make charitable giving feel stressful. But did you know there’s another way?

What a Donor Advised Fund Can Do for You

Giving through a donor advised fund (DAF) can make your generosity joyful again. Here are some of the ways a DAF can work for you:

  • When you establish your fund with an initial gift, you receive an immediate tax deduction.
  • Your fund is invested and grows tax free.
  • You decide when you give. No need to meet an IRS-imposed deadline.
  • A DAF is flexible. You can give via a variety of assets, such as cash, appreciated stock, real estate, and personal property.
  • A donor advised fund makes tax preparation easy. No need to hunt or dig for charitable giving receipts. Your gift history is recorded in one convenient place online.
  • You’ll have the ability to name your fund — or give anonymously — without having to establish a private family foundation.

Align Your Giving with Your Faith

When you partner with the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) for your donor advised fund, you can rest assured your gifts are stewarded in alignment with your Catholic values. CCF has been recognized as a leader in faith-consistent investing. CCF also screens grant recipients to ensure their work does not conflict with Catholic social teaching.

Curious how a DAF can increase your joy and minimize the fuss? The team at CCF is here to discuss your charitable giving goals and help you determine if a donor advised fund is right for you. Give us a call today.


The information provided above by the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) is general and educational in nature. CCF and its staff do not provide individualized legal or tax advice. We recommend you consult with your attorney or tax professional regarding your unique personal situation.

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