Anne Cullen MillerDear Friends,

With the adventures of summer behind us, the fall season calls us back to routine — back to our plans. It’s comforting to have a plan. A plan removes the stress and anxiety of the unknown. It gives us a roadmap, and by following it, we trust we’ll achieve our goals.

In our more than 25 years of ministering to Catholics and their philanthropy, we’ve come to learn that there’s one goal everyone shares: giving well. But planning for this goal can sometimes feel overwhelming. We often hear people say, “There is so much need. How can I be sure my philanthropy is making a difference?”

And that’s when St. Katharine Drexel comes to our aid. The patron of philanthropy, St. Katharine understands the anxiousness that can arise when we strive to do good — and do it well — with our limited resources. Her words gently assure us that “we can trust God to take care of the master plan when we take care of the details.”

Helping you take care of the details of philanthropy is our goal at CCF.

In this newsletter, you’ll read how St. Katharine’s wisdom plays out in one couple’s plans for giving well in their retirement years. You’ll learn tips that one CPA offers his clients to maximize the benefits of using a donor advised fund to give well. And, you’ll read how one small grant is helping a local parish minister to Catholics who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing a spiritual retreat.

Should the content of this newsletter spark an idea for your charitable plan, CCF is here to help you take care of the details so that God can take care of the master plan.

In gratitude for your continued friendship and generosity,


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