Anne Cullen MillerDear Friends,

What is a community if it doesn’t hold beliefs in common and come together to act on those beliefs? Isn’t that what we celebrate at Mass? When our shepherd holds the host before our eyes and says, “The Body of Christ,” we affirm our belief with a simple “amen” — it is so. Then, we take and eat. We believe, and so we do.

Since its founding, the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) has been a place for Catholics of all charisms to gather and express gratitude for their blessings. While giving priorities vary, our donors are united by a profound belief that they are temporary custodians of resources which they are called to share with others. They believe, and so they do.

CCF facilitates this important work, and the more we share the stories of our donors, the more eager faithful Catholics are to join us. This year, the number of new funds opened rose 20 percent, and assets have grown to $378 million. Donor-directed grants totaled $15.3 million, and CCF awarded $1.3 million to our Catholic community.

Though numbers are important, they never tell the whole story. Like the relief a family feels when they receive tuition assistance, making it possible to send their child to a Catholic school. Or when the humanity of a homeless person is recognized, and they receive shelter and culturally responsive services. Whether it’s acting on the Church’s commitment to justice, or laying the groundwork for the future of the Church, CCF donors work in solidarity to build a better community.

Entrusted with the generosity of our donors, we also continue to evolve as a Catholic investor. Where once we simply screened investments in order to align with Catholic teaching, now we also leverage our influence as a shareholder and invest funds in ways that explicitly promote the common good.

I am always humbled by the sacred trust our community has given us to steward their generous faith in action. To our donors, community partners, and board members, thank you. You have shown, once again, that we are always better when we work together with one Catholic heart.


Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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