Anne Cullen MillerDear Friends,

During this pandemic, I’ve relearned the value of simple things. I’m not sure I ever fully appreciated an evening stroll until I could no longer go to the movie theater or coffee shop for a brief escape. I don’t believe I’ve ever treasured a hug from a friend as I do now that social distancing is necessary for public health. And, I never knew just how much a smile meant until I couldn’t share one visibly with the cashier at the grocery store.

Jesus knows us well. He knows our tendency to overcomplicate things, to overload our calendars and overburden our minds. So for our happiness and his glory, he simplified all of religious law and gave us this one directive: love God above all things, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed our community embracing the simplicity of the golden rule in new and generous ways. The Minnesota Catholic Relief Fund (MCRF) invited Catholics across the archdiocese to share their blessings for the good of their neighbors while enabling parishes to adapt existing ministries or start new ones. The MCRF has also helped our Catholic schools rise to the immense challenge of safely reopening to serve our students and their families. The needs are great, but our community’s commitment to neighborly love is greater.

In this newsletter, you’ll learn how one parish broadened its reach through the clever use of technology. And you’ll read how another parish launched a brand new ministry to help parishioners who are financially strained by the effects of the virus stay in their homes. I am proud to be a part of this generous, creative community of faith. If there’s a silver lining in this crisis, it’s that we’ve been reminded of something Mother Teresa once said, “We belong to each other.” Thank you for modeling solidarity so charitably — for living the golden rule so generously.

We pray for your continued health and extend to you the peace beyond all understanding that is ours through Christ Jesus.


Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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