Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago, a group of local Catholic leaders — clergy and laity — took a leap of faith and trust. They established a new organization, separate from the Archdiocese, to steward the charitable resources of Catholic individuals, families, parishes, and institutions.

Today the seeds planted by the founders of the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) yield a rich harvest to support the needs of our community. In CCF’s 30th year, grants from charitable funds totaled a record $24 million.

Because of the perpetual nature of CCF’s work, many of the funds that our donors and partners invest today will bear fruit and support our local Church forever.

CCF wouldn’t be where it is today without its founders. They brought expertise and credibility to an uncertain endeavor. Their own belief in this foundation engendered trust from early donors and partners — many of whom established charitable legacies with CFF.

As folks see the bounty of harvests from years past, they find it easier to believe in the power of endowment — an instrument CCF sees as crucial for sustaining a vibrant Church. Each year, more parishes and schools partner with CCF to establish endowment funds to ensure future generations have a consistent, stable source of support for their missions and ministries.

The structure and strategy behind CCF’s investments make perpetuity possible for endowments without sacrificing Catholic values. A layered team of experts prudently balances risk with maximum financial return while preserving charitable assets.

Stories in this annual report span CCF’s origins through its thirty years. You’ll meet people who trusted in CCF from the beginning and hear why partners continue to establish new endowments. And you’ll learn more about how CCF invests the nearly $600 million in charitable assets that it stewards.

The staff at CCF has the blessing of witnessing every day the many generous ways you live your faith. It is a gift and an honor to support our local Church and community in partnership with you. Thank you for trusting our stewardship — and for your incredible testament of faith.

With gratitude,

Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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