Requirements for Requesting a Withdrawal from an Agency Fund

To make a withdrawal from your agency fund, you must submit an authorization letter to CCF. If you request the withdrawal via DonorSphere, this is the document you are required to upload on the withdrawal request page.

That authorization letter must:

  • be on your organization’s stationery,
  • state the name and number of the CCF fund from which you want to make the withdrawal,
  • include the amount of the withdrawal,
  • and be signed by someone who is authorized within your organization (e.g., for a parish it must be signed by the canonical administrator).

If you would like the funds to be transferred via ACH, you must:

  • state the last 4 digits of the receiving bank routing number
  • and state the last 4 digits of the receiving account number.

Upon receiving your request, a member of the CCF staff may call you for verification.

See sample letters below.

Set Up a New Bank Account for ACH Transfer

To set up a new bank account at which to receive your withdrawal via ACH transfer, you must download this form, complete it, and mail it with a voided check to CCF:

Catholic Community Foundation
Attn: Becky Abbott
Court West Suite 500
2610 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55114

Upon receiving your completed form and voided check, CCF may call for verification.

Sample Authorization Letter — ACH Transfer

Sample Authorization Letter — Check

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