Liz Boo Neuberger

By Liz Boo Neuberger, M.A.
Philanthropic Strategist

If you’ve ever helped young children choose a birthday gift for a loved one, you’ve helped cultivate generosity and shared with them the joy of giving. It is no different when you invite your children to help you make charitable gifts. Coming together to make these decisions provides the opportunity to discuss your values and priorities, and how you share your blessings.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) helps families and individuals like you give through charitable funds to their favorite parishes, schools, ministries, and charities.

In my work at CCF, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing many families use these funds to connect more deeply, in a new way.

A Beautiful Example

A young family recently came to CCF to open a donor advised fund. The parents wanted to include their four children — all under the age of eight —so they joined us on the day the fund was established.

As we sat around a big conference table, the dad began by reading Matthew 25, “The Parable of the Talents.” The parents explained that all our gifts belong to God, and that we are the stewards of these gifts. They asked the children how their own gifts can be used to bless others. The older children even brought their piggy banks to contribute to the new fund.

Seeds have been planted in these four young lives to enrich their faith, connect them to the needs of others, and become caring and active members of our Catholic community.

This is the joy of giving — and it’s never too late to start. Whether your children are 8, 18, or 48, you can inspire charitable hearts.

6 Reasons to Give as a Family

  • Reinforce the values of compassion and responsibility.
  • Teach empathy.
  • Practice gratitude and humility.
  • Provide a sense of purpose and community.
  • Better understand our call as Catholics and put Gospel teachings into action.
  • Strengthen your family unit as you work together on a mission.

4 Ways to Inspire Charitable Givers

  • Start with simple messaging, communicating the value you find in charitable giving.
  • Be a role model and lead by example. Volunteer with your family and experience, together, the value of giving one’s time.
  • Routinely help young children and teenagers assess their own possessions and choose items — toys, clothes, shoes, etc. — for those in need.
  • Invite everyone in the family to recommend charities to support, and let everyone participate in the decision making for who will receive financial gifts.

How will you begin to pass on the value of generosity to other generations?

Contact CCF to learn more about family philanthropy and how we can support your charitable giving goals.


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