Dear Friends of CCF,

I shall sing of your strength, extol your mercy at dawn, for you are my fortress, my refuge in time of trouble. (PS 59:17)

We continue to see scenes of utter devastation in Maui. Numbers of the deceased continue to rise. We mourn with our Hawaiian brothers and sisters following the horrific fire in Lahaina and surrounding areas. We hold them in our hearts and in prayer, for the many lives that have been lost and the lives of survivors forever changed by indescribable loss: of loved ones, homes, jobs, and communities. May God bless them and the brave first responders who have worked tirelessly for victims and survivors.

As we witness this loss of life and the destruction of God’s creation, we feel called to support the people of Hawai’i where and how we can — through prayer and generosity.

Provide Financial Support

For those who feel called to support the organizations providing relief services in Maui, the grants team at CCF has compiled a list of organizations you may consider funding. Each has been screened for alignment with Catholic social teaching.

Catholic Charities Hawai’i
Maui Relief
Collaborating with community partners to deliver resources and services to aid the affected communities in recovering from the devastating Maui wildfires.

American Red Cross
2023 Hawai’i Wildfires Relief
Providing meals, snacks, and shelter, and deploying disaster workers.

Hawai’i Community Foundation
Maui Strong Fund
Providing financial resources that can be deployed quickly, with a focus on rapid response and recovery.

World Central Kitchen
Supporting Residents of Hawai’i
Working with chefs and residents from impacted communities to meet the changing needs.

If you have a donor advised fund at CCF and would like to direct a grant, you can click here to sign in to DonorSphere.


Please join us in praying for the people of Maui.

God of compassion,
you are our refuge and our strength,
our sure rock in the midst of any storm,
the light which pierces every darkness,
and an anchor of hope for those who contend with despair.

Reach out your hand
to all those who fear that they are sinking beneath the waves,
or feel as if they’re too weary
to carry on through the heat of the day.
May they receive that courage, resilience,
and healing grace that can only come from you.
We ask this in your holy name.


From Catholic Charities USA.

With gratitude,

Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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