Donor advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the U.S. and for good reason.

With a donor advised fund, you can easily and efficiently support causes that reflect your values. Along with tax benefits and flexibility, you’ll also gain access to the Catholic Community Foundation’s deep knowledge of community needs, connecting you to the causes you care about most.

How a Donor Advised Fund Works

When you make a gift to your donor advised fund, you receive an immediate charitable tax deduction. Your gift is then invested and you can advise grants to your parish, alma mater, or other nonprofits of your choice at any time. Think of it as a charitable checkbook.


You make a gift at any time and receive an immediate tax benefit.


Your gift is invested in alignment with your faith and grows tax‑free.


You advise grants to your parish and other nonprofits.

Imagine the Possibilities

The flexibility of a donor advised fund is, in large part, what makes it such a popular giving tool. Learn how local Minnesota Catholics have used their donor advised funds to bring their charitable visions to life.

Family Philanthropy

Read how one family uses a donor advised fund to embed lessons of faith and giving into family life.

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Understand why so many financial advisors recommend charitable “bunching” to their clients.

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Retirement Planning

Learn how one couple uses a donor advised fund to in their plans for meaningful retirement.

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Planning Your Year-End Giving?

There’s no need to wait until you receive your year-end bonus or want to sell appreciated stock to get the ball rolling on a donor advised fund. You can start the paperwork to establish a fund now. Then, transfer your gift into the fund when you’re ready, and start recommending grants!

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