Giving Insights is a forum series exploring the impact of Catholic philanthropy on our local community.

As a community foundation, we build many relationships. And from those relationships, we glean community insights that help us to connect the dots of needs and resources in our community. We have come to view these insights as community “assets,” and as such, we wish to steward them well.

That’s why we created Giving Insights – to share these insights more broadly to inform and inspire further generosity and community impact.

Themed by CCF’s mission areas: spiritual, educational, and social, the forums examine key discussion questions regarding critical needs in our community. Each forum showcases a moderator and panel of local experts with significant experience in funding, developing, and implementing solutions related to each mission area.




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Can urban Catholic elementary schools close the achievement gap and be self-sustaining?



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Who will inherit our Church? Are Catholic millennials engaging in their Catholic faith?



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How do we help young mothers and their children in crisis break the cycle of poverty?

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