Voices of Intergenerational Catholic Philanthropy

This event took take place on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.


How do you bring younger generations into your charitable legacy — and ensure your faith and values carry on?

Many Catholic families who practice generosity look to the next generation to carry on their philanthropic legacies. Intergenerational philanthropy can offer a beautiful opportunity to pass on your values to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. It also presents unique benefits and challenges, especially when family members have varying faith or Church experiences.

This event, presented by the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) in partnership with FADICA, offers families a venue to explore best practices, ask critical questions, and gain insights from others who practice family philanthropy.

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A Vision of Philanthropy

This 2 minute video discusses the vision behind family philanthropy and how to begin.

Conversations with the Next Generation

This 2 minute video discusses ways families can have conversations on the topic of family philanthropy.

Hopes for the Future

This 3 minute video shares various ways families, through their philanthropy, creates legacy and hope for the future.

How to Structure Giving

This 2 minute video discusses ways families can structure their charitable giving.

Honoring the Intent of the Founders

This 3 minute video discusses ways families can honor the intent of the founders in their charitable giving today.


This is video from the entire event, including the opening prayer, questions and closing summary.



Quentin Orem
Executive Director, The Ferry Foundations

Quentin’s grandparents Richard and Maude used the blessings they received through their various businesses — most notably, Korn Ferry International — to establish the Ferry Foundations. Grants from the foundations focus on the Catholic Church, education, and health care. After beginning his career as an educator, Quentin recently assumed the role of Executive Director for the Ferry Foundations, extending Richard and Maude’s legacy of giving and gratitude.

Second-Generation Donor Advisor

Sheila Healy Berube
Sr. Investment Strategist, Alliance Bernstein
CCF Board Member

As Sheila’s parents aged, Sheila and two of her sisters were named successor advisors to their parents’ philanthropic fund. As they considered the legacy they inherited, they had many questions to consider. What did their parents hope for the fund? How could they carry out those wishes? Should the fund continue — or should they distribute the full fund immediately?

Professional Advisor

Christy Boysen
Chief Executive Officer & Legacy Planning Consultant, Apex Legacy Consultants

Apex equips people to make thoughtful decisions, taking a comprehensive approach to legacy planning. They help folks celebrate their values and give generously to the people and causes they care about.