Giving Insights is a forum series exploring important needs and issues in our community — and hopeful solutions.

As a community foundation, we build relationships – a lot of them. And from those relationships, we glean community insights that help us to connect resources and needs in our community. We see these insights as community “assets,” and we wish to steward them well.

That’s why we created this forum series – to share these insights more broadly. We hope that Giving Insights informs and inspires further generosity and community impact.

Themed by CCF’s mission areas: spiritual, educational, and social, the forums examine critical needs in our community. Each forum showcases a moderator and panel of local and national experts with significant experience in funding, developing, and implementing solutions.

2021–2022 Series


Building an Intercultural Church: Why are intercultural competencies vital for the new evangelization?

This event was held on TUE. MAY 24. 2022.

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Laudato Si’: How are we as Catholics called to care for our common home?

This event was held on TUE. MAR. 29. 2022.

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Catholic Mission Schools: What role do Catholic mission schools play in creating a more equitable society?

This event was held on THU. NOV. 18. 2021.

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