Dear Friends,

We know this is an uncertain and unsettling time. It is understandable to be fearful and anxious. As Catholics, we know, too, that now, more than ever, we’re called to have faith, hold hope, and be light for others. We’d like for you to know the ways in which the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) is doing just that in the midst of COVID-19 and its impact.


We’re praying. We’re holding our entire community in prayer, especially the ill and their loved ones, the healthcare workers serving them, our community leaders setting policy and guidelines, our shepherds tending their flocks, and all those who are anxious and afraid. Please join us in praying. We’ve found particular consolation in this prayer written by local Catholic author, Laura Kelly Fanucci.

Caring for Our Staff

We’re caring for our staff. This week, along with many other organizations across Minnesota, we’ve initiated a remote work environment. All CCF staff members are working from home and leveraging technology to carry on CCF’s day-to-day work.

Providing Service as Usual

We know it is important for Catholic philanthropy to be a continued light for our community in the days and weeks ahead. We’ve worked hard to ensure CCF can continue providing compassionate and timely service to our donors, partners, and grantees. Expect emails to be answered, phone calls to be returned, gifts to be accepted, and grants to be processed as usual. If you have a meeting scheduled with a CCF staff member, know that we’ll be adjusting that meeting to utilize either phone or video conferencing technology to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Prudent Stewardship of Resources

As a perpetual steward of charitable assets, CCF is not only prepared for challenging times like these, it’s designed for them. Our investment strategy seeks to balance financial return and preservation of capital with prudent risk tolerance. We continue to monitor and rebalance our investments according to our investment strategy and oversight structure.

Community Collaboration

CCF is also staying connected to community partners and informed of the most critical needs. Following the important social distancing guidelines our local officials have advised, we’re postponing our upcoming events. These include our Professional Advisor Netcasting Lunch (MAR. 23), the Giving Insights educational forum on the topic of early childhood development (APR. 23), and the Twin Cities Latino Enrollment Institute for Catholic elementary school leaders in the Archdiocese (APR. 28-29). We thank you for your understanding.

Philanthropic Response

We recognize the great strain this unprecedented situation now places on our Minnesota Catholic community. And we know how the faithful long for sacraments, ministries, and works of mercy to remain strongholds in their lives. Be assured that CCF is exploring partnerships within our community to create a solution that will leverage the profound potential of faith-inspired philanthropy. We seek a solution that will meet urgent needs and help our Catholic community endure this hardship. Stay tuned for further information as this initiative develops.

Continued Communication

As this situation is changing quickly, we’ll continue to communicate as needed. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to serve you in whatever way we can.

Stay safe and aware of God’s ever-abiding love for us all,

Anne Cullen Miller, MBA

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