The Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) awarded Alfred (Al) O. Elder with its ninth annual Legacy of Faith Award which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated philanthropic leadership within the Catholic community.

Inspired by medieval Cathedrals that have withstood the test of time, Elder wondered if there were an institution to serve the needs of the poor that would similarly last for centuries. After his search for an institution to steward his family’s planned gift in perpetuity and according to his Catholic values turned up void, Elder became one of the founding board members that created the Catholic Community Foundation in 1992. He served as CCF’s first corporate secretary and was largely responsible for writing the Foundation’s mission statement and guiding principles. In all, he has served a total of 17 years on CCF’s board of directors, offering his visionary leadership and guidance.

When asked why he has remained so involved with the Foundation over the years, he responded, “Your heart follows your treasure. I have treasure in CCF. I have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. When you get involved, you own it, and when you own it, you’re invested in seeing it through.”

“Al Elder is a man of great faith, a visionary, and a servant leader,” said CCF President Anne Cullen Miller. “Al was amongst the first group of lay leaders in this community who understood the importance of having a community foundation dedicated to Catholic philanthropy and worked tirelessly to make sure it happened. If you know Al or have the opportunity to spend time with him, you are reminded of the infinite possibilities born of faith.”

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