In less than 5 minutes, leave a legacy that reflects your life.

Think of how important your parish is to you. How can you ensure that it will be there for future generations?

You can change the beneficiary designation on your retirement account to include your parish. It’s simple and fast.


Three easy steps:

  • Call your IRA custodian or wealth advisor to update your designated beneficiaries.
  • List your parish endowment as one of the beneficiaries on the form.
  • Return the form to your custodian or advisor and inform your parish of the gift intention.

Benefits into eternity:

  • Making a charitable gift of your retirement account is tax efficient.
  • You support the ministries, programs, and maintenance of your parish in perpetuity.
  • You put your values into action.


This is smart philanthropy.

To learn more about ways to maximize your charitable giving, call the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota at 651-389-0300.

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