Assets Snapshot

Fiscal year 2019 was yet another year of growth for the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF). We opened 59 new funds, growing our assets under management to $378 million – a growth of $19.6 million.

Breakdown of the 59 new funds opened in 2019.

$378 million assets held by CCF

Assets by fund type.

$19.6 Million asset growth


Grantmaking Snapshot

CCF distributed $16.6M in grants to 874 nonprofits in fiscal year 2019. Those broke out into 2,712 grants distributed to 874 nonprofits. The vast majority — 89 percent — stayed in Minnesota, while the other 11 percent was distributed outside of Minnesota.

$16.6 million grants distributed

Fy2019 grants by source and by impact area.


2,712 grants distributed to 874 nonprofits.


View the full 2019 Annual Report here.


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